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Our coffee story would began keeping late hours as a local musician. If you’ve ever tried to get a cup of coffee at 3:00 AM., perhaps you can probably relate. The taste would highly impacted my senses getting burnt coffee served at local restaurants, and so called local coffee shops. It would take years until I decided to take action. 

In 2008 about the time Starbucks Pike Place® Roast came out I was consumed by something unique. I liked the ubiquitous mermaid concept and like so many friends I was caught up. Until this happened!

Searching on the internet one morning on my new cell phone, my eyes were opened to a whole new concept about coffee roasting and I was now obsessed to learn more. Now I am a Virgo so my meticulous task management skills kicked in and I order built my first home coffee roaster from copying a you tube video. After several years of working with home coffee roasting concepts, designs and a plethora of Green Coffee Beans, the magic happened for me. Why you ask?

Single Origin Coffee was my new hobby but I discovered something in the roasting process and happened to find that pre or post blending of my coffee was mesmerizing. At that point I also discovered coffee cupping and was now testing various blended Green Coffee Beans and  sampling. This process would go on for more than 8 years until my friends and family recommended I start my own brand. I suppose the cliche ” be careful what you ask for, you might just get it” and so it happened. 

As a result I put together my first corporation in 2016 and was now on my way making and selling 8 ounce sample batches and hence the story turns my direction into a passion.

In 2017 I bought my first commercial coffee roaster and after tons of research and training, and building a website, learning about marketing and so forth I was on my way. 

The coffee profiles I now offered to the public were tested by countless hundreds of the most kind considerate, honest, and sincere friends, and family i could ever asked for. I decided my business plan must include proper quality control and inventory management using my god given skills as a project manager and business owner for more than 20 + years.

I walked away from a great paying job with security and benefits that other friends could only hope to have. 

Okay! So here it is in Black and White, and the part most savvy business owners can relate to. I work tirelessly, highly under payed, overworked, and would find out it is the most loving, overrated passionate job I would ever have or truly love.

My friends get pissed off at my new poor man experiences,  but I insist that I must follow my own dreams like so many of my role models before me.

I challenge anyone to find a harder working, hands on business man out there however, I suspect there are a few here and there. 

My passion for coffee, working with clients and customers, friends and family to hone in and define there coffee taste has become the biggest rewarding and challenge of my life. 

I hope you find my story and my coffee blends to be the best coffee, espresso, immersion, you’ve ever had,  every morning, noon, or evening. We use only “Aribica” green coffee beans, from the best sources available. 

Be Bold! Try Hellcat Today and let us transcend your coffee taste.


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