Do You Prefer A Dark Roast Coffee? We Don’t Burn It!

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Dark Roasted Coffee

The lightest in density yet richest in taste, dark roast coffee is famous for its Smokey charcoal-related flavor. Dark roasted level of coffee is achieved by making the beans roast until the beans are completely dehydrated and the oil can be seen on the surface of the bean clearly with naked eyes.

About dark roast coffee! All those coffee lovers out there! What level of roasted coffee do you like? Is it light, medium, or dark? Coffee lovers around the world prefer different tastes in coffee, but nothing can beat the rich and hearty flavor of our dark roasted coffee.

Coffee can not taste stronger than at this level. Surprisingly dark roasted coffee is far less acidic than light, and medium roast has more antioxidants features, and also minimalist caffeine has left once the coffee is roasted dark. Are you missing sleep, have joint pain? Hippy Deals Can help. “Hippy Deals” is a great source for CBD and medicinal products.

The Smokey color of those more dehydrated roast coffee beans is what you crave in the morning the most, and if you want more, then the sky’s the limit. The deeper and darker richness of roast coffee makes your mind fresh like anything. 

If you want a head start in the morning, go for that monotone rich taste of roasted coffee, and believe me, you will not get down for straight 6 hours. The taste of dark roast coffee will make your eyes wide awake. The caffeine blended in those dark coffee beans will make your soul wakeful and stir your mind so that you could better concentrate on your daily to-do list and catch them as fast as you can.

Being a dark roast coffee lover, I could go on to this topic and can not stop but let me pick up the most important details to know the difference between dark roast coffee and other levels of roasted coffee like light and medium.

This world is full of variants of coffee roasting. First of all, the level of roasting coffee beans depends upon the temperature and the time of roasting coffee beans. Our Dark- French roasted coffee, for example, is mixed with many other flavors and roast the coffee beans till the glossy and shiny beans themselves show the actual color of a dark-roast coffee. 

Medium Profiles

Now it’s time to turn those less oily and more dehydrated beans into comparatively deeper in color to acquire the richer taste and drain out the caffeine out of those medium roasted beans at about 450 degrees of temperature. 

Another misconception is roasting is only about making the coffee dark in color. No, it’s not when the coffee beans roast at different temperatures; its structure changes entirely, and only we at Hellcat Coffee know where to stop roasting the coffee beans for a perfect blend of medium roast coffee. 

Light Profiles

Initially, Coffee beans are green in color, and this is where we start the first level and mildly roast them for a shorter period at a low temperature between 300 to 400 degrees until the coffee bean gets its first crack. At this level, coffee has the maximum caffeine level. The mildest roasted the coffee, the higher the caffeine.

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