How to Brew Chemex Coffee

This Is how elemental coffee roasters makes coffee through Chemex, I’m Paul with elemental coffee, and today we’re going to be talking about how to make coffee in a Chemex brewer? What you’ll need is a scale and a timer, or both in 1a chem X, filters for your chem X and coffee beans today we’re using 52 grams of coffee to 700 grams of water and that’s going to give us 20 ounces of coffee. So two mugs of coffee, basically we’re going to start by taking a filter and Chemex filters, are actually circles that are folded into quadrants. We’Re going to open that up so that three layers are on one side and one layer is on the other and we’re going to put the three layers towards the front or the spout or the channel of the Chemex. We do that so that when we’re brewing it there’s less of a chance of that collapsing and making a seal after we’ve got the filter in there.

We can actually take a kettle of hot water just below boiling and we’re going to rinse out the filter. We rinse it to make sure that a our coffee doesn’t taste papery and be that the temperature, while we’re brewing it, is more consistent, so just put some water through there and pour that out. At this point, we’re ready to add our coffee and we’re going to put 52 grams of coffee in here ground medium, coarse about 16 to 19 on a box of style. Grinder will get you kind of in the right ballpark. We want the time in between the time we grind it and the time we brew it to be as short as possible.

So we want the freshest ground coffee. We can get. We’Ve got 52 grams of ground coffee and start the timer and we’re going to add a hundred grams of water and we’re going to do that in circles to make sure that all the grounds are getting wet these kind of concentric circles. I want to stay away from the pouring straight on the filter to avoid a tasting paper. Once we’ve got a hundred grams of water in there we’re gon na, let it bloom it’s this process called blooming is where the coffee is being saturated and actually growing, and we can see it occurring as like little bubbles are coming up and the actual space is Expanding and we’re gon na – let it be here for a minute and 30 seconds until the bloom is finished after a minute and 30 seconds, we’re going to add more water.

The total amount of water that we’re going to add is going to be 700 grams. We’Ve already added 100, so you’ve still got 600 grams. To add, I’m going to do that, starting by doing the same thing that we did in the beginning kind of concentric circles to make sure all the grounds on the top get saturated and then, once all those grounds are wet we’re actually just going to move the Kettle to the center and we’re going to do what’s called a center for the rest of the way to 700 grams. At the point where the stream from my kettle is reaching the water, I want it to be constant and so that it’s not agitating the coffee and over extracting or over brewing the coffee in the chamber. Once you reach 700 grams of water, you can actually just stop pouring and wait for what’s called the drawdown, the process where the brewing coffee goes into the decanter area at the end of the drawdown.

What we should have is a sort of cone of our ground. Coffee on the edges of this filter, after four and a half minutes, you can go ahead and remove the filter and at this point you’ve got 20 ounces or two mugs of coffee that are ready to serve. That’S Chemex coffee. You

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