How to Make Better Drip Coffee – Basic Techniques

Hey coffee lovers, Cal here from Hellcat Coffee. There’s like average drip coffee and then there’s drip that stands out. Alright, it’s kind of like the difference between fast food and fine dining, whether you like it dark and bold or light and bright. We’ve got some easy tips to help. You make a better cup, so flavor starts with the beans and you’ll get more if starting with press whole beans that are ground just before brewing right. How awesome does freshly ground coffee smell, but, as it sits around that wonderful smell is flavor evaporating into the air.

Instead of going into your cup and speaking of grinding, stay away from blade, grinders and choose a burr grinder, instead, blaze blenders chop coffee into random sizes, ranging from chunks to dust, burr grinders create a consistent particle size. Now too, big a range and particle size causes over extraction of some of the coffee and under extraction of the rest. The result is a cup with both sour and bitter notes, so no real balance next up coffee makers seems like a pretty simple thing to drip. Hot water over coffee, but it turns out it’s not that simple and the vast majority of lower costs drip coffee makers, don’t get it right. Almost all cheap coffee makers brew too cold, which results in sour flavors.

What you want is brew water at 195 to 205 degrees, so get out of thermometer and see how your coffee maker is doing our test one before you buy. It’s not exactly easy to do so. Luckily, the Specialty Coffee Association has done the work for you and certifies home brewing equipment which brews at the right temperature and meets other standards. Now what about the water you’re brewing with if it’s excessively hard or chlorinated you’re gonna, want to filter it? You’ll get better flavor and removing excess minerals reduces scale buildup.

One thing to stay away from is pure distilled or reverse osmosis water. Those have no minerals and without them, coffee tastes really flat and one last thing after brewing. Don’t keep cooking your coffee on a hot plate, consider a brewer with a thermally insulated carafe, I’m mark, and I’m Morgan thanks for watching, and we hope to see you back here soon for more on everything: coffee, hey! Why not subscribe now for easy, free access to more videos on everything coffee brought to you by whole latte love com,

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