Top 3 Reasons for Buying Coffee From Us As Your local coffee roaster in Virginia


Here are the top 3 reasons to buy coffee from your local roaster. Perhaps there is a misconception to ” Fresh Roasted Coffee”

Top 3 reasons for choosing us as a local coffee roaster. We want to solve a problem with coffee. The Question is “Is Your Coffee Really Fresh when you buy it from some large online retailer”? We do our best to solve this and provide a solution to insure you are actually buying fresh coffee by using local coffee roasters. Here are a couple examples!

  1.  Joe gets his coffee online and from a source like Amazon. The bag packaging and marketing is really good and exciting. But, is it fresh? He is excited when it shows up the next day or two and consequently has no idea, his “fresh roasted coffee” is 6 months old.  Large Companies like Amazon share no responsibility in truth and pass the buck and burden to have ready to go and standby products onto larger roasting companies who are glad to move products.

Not to be mean to Amazon and certainly not any of it’s helpless coffee distributors which are all excited and compelled to make money. Good reviews push  their bait and switch techniques. You may not know that companies like Amazon insist the sellers send their products which are stocked or held until sold. Granite, they do sell a lot of products however, my experience buying their supposed “fresh coffee” was less than satisfactory. Try Our “Roaster’s Choice”

As a result of the big company demands and irresponsible techniques, Joe has likely never had a real cup of fresh roasted local coffee. Joe may never know how invigorating it is to open a bag of coffee roasted in the last 5 days and how it stimulates your senses. Or how it smells so awesome when you grind it.

2.  Becky did her homework and read the labels and reviews and the statement on the bag declared “we roast it fresh”. The big coffee roasting companies don’t sell to Becky and never knew her name. Her coffee has likely been sitting in a warehouse for a few months and she probably never asked about the time it took to actually roast fresh coffee, the appropriate amount of degassing time furthermore.

Should Becky have any reason to do a deeper dive.

We Don’t believe Amazon should allow the term “fresh Roasted coffee”.  After Reading our process below, try to make up your mind if you believe their coffee products are really fresh. 

Here is the third and final reason to purchase coffee beans from us at Hellcat Coffee and develop a better understanding:  Ever have Migraines, joint pain? Get deals from Hippy Deals, CBD, hemp oil, and pet products.

3. As a Local Coffee Roaster we use the same consistent process to get our customers the freshest coffee possible.

  1. We Take Order’s online and process them every morning.
  2. Prepare the roasting profile for your coffee and get it to our roaster
  3. Allocate the amount of Green Beans including Waste. About 22-25% is loss during roasting
  4. Your Coffee is usually roasted within 2-4 days from the date of your order.
  5. Your Coffee immediately goes through our cooling process
  6. The Coffee is then bagged with 1 way vented valve bags (Degassing)
  7. Coffee is packaged in box for delivery

Finally, a coffee label is prepared for local shipping or priority shipping. The Entire process is usually completed within 7 days for local purchases or 8 to 10 days if shipped outside of our local coffee shop in Warrenton Virginia.

“When We Say Fresh We Mean Fresh ” There is no way to get your coffee out the same day unless it was previously stocked

FYI. Degassing is the release of gases from roasted coffee. When you roast coffee, gases – including a lot of carbon dioxide – form inside the bean. A lot of these gases are released in the first few days after roasting. This period of time and the chemical release that happens during it are known as degassing.

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