VEHHE Manual Coffee Grinder – Portable Hand Coffee Grinder

  • ADJUSTABLE GRINDING : Rotate the grinding core of the manual coffee grinder clockwise or counterclockwise to realize the process from fine grinding to medium grinding to coarse grinding. Different amounts of coffee powder are suitable for Aeropress, drip coffee, Espresso, French Press, Turkish Brew. As long as you have this coffee machine, you can enjoy all kinds of coffee, why not do it.
  • HIGH-GUALITY CERAMIC GRINDING CORE : This burr coffee grinder uses a ceramic grinding core, which is different from a plastic grinding core. The ground coffee powder is finer, and the ceramic is not easy to generate heat during the grinding process, will not affect the coffee taste, and retain the original flavor of the coffee to ensure that you can get the freshest and most delicious coffee.
  • EASY TO CLEAN : This hand coffee grinder is easy to clean. The main body is made of plastic. Compared with glass, there is no need to worry about slipping and breaking when washing. The whole body is detachable. After grinding the coffee, you can remove each accessory and clean it with a brush or water. After thoroughly drying, reassemble the parts to keep them brand new.
  • EFFORESS ROCKER ARM & NON-SLIP SEAT CUSHION : This coffee burr grinder adopts a effortless rocker arm, has a uniform rocking speed and no frustration, and which greatly increases the fun of hand – cranked bean grinding. With a silicone pad, when grinding beans, the silicone pad at the bottom can play a role in fixing this coffee grinder, Besides, after using it , the rock handle can be placed on the silicone tank, easy to store.
  • ENVIROMENTAL PROTECTION AND NOISE – FREE : manual grinding, no battery, coffee burr grinder can effectively avoid the noise generated by the electric grinder more than 90%, and create a quiet atmosphere. You will never worry about the sweet dreams that disturb your loved ones in the morning. And we provide a lifetime warranty-if you don’t like our manual coffee bean grinder at any time for any reason, you will be refunded immediately. Give you satisfactory service.

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