Make Great Coffee with a Moka Pot

Alright guys, let’s make some coffee today, I’m super excited because we have our good friend James Hoffman is an amazing coffee expert he’s going to walk us through how to use one of the most common coffee gadgets, a Moka pot – and I actually first was making coffee On one of these back when I lived in France and I had a tiny apartment and I actually enjoyed him quite a bit they’re great, maybe like me, you hated this thing for a long time. You bought it used it once you thought it was disgusting.

You put in the cupboard, dig it out because actually it’s probably underrated and does delicious things, they kind of make a coffee, that’s a kind of halfway house between espresso, which is super strong and like drip coffee yeah. However, they have a bad reputation because it’s pretty easy to make bitter coffee with them. I’M gonna do a couple things today to show you how you can really produce something super delicious, okay, first things: first, as with all the brewing techniques grind, size is pretty important, and actually this is where most people make the first mistake and produce a lot Of bitterness, okay, you don’t want to ground like we would for an espresso machine which is super fine, like you’re able salt.

We want to go just a little bit coarser so once you’ve around the coffee just take this yeah fill it but don’t push it down. Yes, Lola yeah. What you will notice here, though, is this one is beautifully clean, there’s a kind of life loads around that having a buildup of old coffee in these things is good. That old, stale rancid coffee is gonna contribute a little bit bitterness to the cup too, so you want to keep it nice and clean the other bit to worry about. Is this little little rubber, gasket here right, one you want to clean, so it seals properly.

Sure to when you store it, you don’t want to store it, so it’s done up tight because that adds pressure and that’ll aged out in the roamer so just store it loose, not too tight right. So what we’re gonna do now is we’re gonna start on the bottom, with hot water. The downside of cold is that, while you’re heating, your water, hitting it be a coffee too, I’ve always meant my old water right and heating up the coffee means it’s gonna taste a little bit more bitter than you do so so hot water from a kettle Is this way just fill it up still right below the safety valve? Alright? So it’s right under the little valve gut there we go.

I could pop this in yep, so we put it together. Just grab a towel because the bottom is gonna be hot. Now sealed nice and tight done, and you actually want to go straight to the burner. Pretty quick yeah, the water in the bottom is going to start to evaporate mm-hmm, but it’s trapped. It’s gonna build up a little bit of pressure.

I can hear going it’s gonna apply pressure to the water, then push it through the funnel through the copy and that’s gonna do the brewing for us once your copy starts to flow. You nice looks super delicious, listen and wait, and, as soon as you start to hear a gurgling sound, you want to cool it down. Mmm, take it off the stove. Just run it under your cold tap in the sink, gets rid of the steam stops the brewing process bed. So we made your book apart super delicious, but when I used to make it, I would take a French press on the side heat up, some milk froth.

It up and pour myself a latte feed exactly it doubled in volume. Huh yeah talk about the new bubbles. Here we go check it out, Moka pot lattes. I need that one in talking me down so there it is put good coffee and use it right. Get a delicious drink and then French press to hand a whole array of delicious drinks, so super flexible, delicious underrated go and play with it.

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