Ask Gail: How Long Do Coffee Beans Last?

It’S the gala Miranda show not really it’s scaling. Miranda from Seattle, coffee gear and we are Miranda, is compiling questions from our customers and then we’re answering them just so short videos for you and you have one for us. I do yeah. So what is the kind of staling time or how quickly do do your grounds or hold bean stale? So what’s the difference between whole beans will last there’s two different types are processing for whole beans.

If you get a large factory that does whole beans like Lavazza out of Italy, they do a nitrogen flush on their beans, which makes their expiration date way out there, because they have to distribute worldwide exactly and it makes the the bean last stay fresh. Much longer. Once you open that bag three weeks or so, and you really want to use it up in there two and a half pounds 2.2 pounds, so you want to use it up about three weeks or so I’ve gone beyond that. It’S not the end of the earth.

Do now put it in a in the freezer or the refrigerator once you open it, cool dry place, something like our air escapes that we have on the webpage now. Vice versa, local roast coffees do not do the nitrogen flush exactly so here in the United States. They say that those beans are best to begin to be used at about four to five days off because they do off gassing the gas comes out of them and before that they’re, not so hot right once you open it up and start using it, you’re. Probably looking at 1012 days mm-hmm, would you agree with that? Yeah yeah so 1012 days now whole bean?

That’S that’s whole bean ground coffee once you ground the whole beans within 15 minutes they start to diminish and if you go, buy a bag of ground coffee down. At the store you grind it you take it home the first day, not too bad second day, you’ll see a little bit of a different little diminishing third day for two. It gets worse and worse worse and we have people calling up saying. Oh, I just bought this bag ground coffee. I don’t know it’s a matter.

It’S my machine. It’S most likely your coffee because it once it’s ground, it starts diminishing immediately. Absolutely so cool dry place again for the same, whether it be ground or whole beam, but use it up. Yeah well, and I can totally testify to that, because I’ve even ground coffee brewed a shot. While I was training and then I brought grind coffee start talking about the sheen and get carried away, I’m 20 minutes later, oh, let’s go ahead and pull that shot.

It’S at the same timing, lousy yeah! What was that yep? No, that’s true or if you take, and you grind up the coffee into the portafilter and put it in the machine and go oh geez. I forgot to go get my milk yeah you’ll go good, the milk in the refrigerator, and that is sitting in there against the hot brew head. It turns it in and changes everything.

So it is crazy, but you’re wondering where you’re not getting good shots. It’S not as a technical when it comes to drip, but when it comes to espresso yeah mm-hmm got ta be right down. Yeah fresher is better right. Thanks, we’re gon na. Thank you.


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